Previous Focus Days

Focus Day July 2017

Topics Covered

  • Annual Profitability Comparison of leading Canterbury Dairy Farms
  • Exploring the next Frontier
  • Following 3 years of stunning performance at LUDF, its your opportunity to contribute to the next phase.
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Focus Day May 2017

Topics Covered:

  • Subclinical Ketosis - performance impact?
  • DairyNZ summer rotation length / pre-graze mowing trial results
  • Fodder beet - LUDF's lessons learnt thus far
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Focus Day February 2017

Topics Covered:

  • Respiratory Disease (IBR): Was it significant?
  • Repro Results: 63% 6 week incalf - what now?
  • Autumn Management: Fodderbeet opportunity
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Focus Day October 2016

Topics Covered:

  • On-farm performance:
    • Pasture Management
    • Regrassing that pays
    • Mating plans
  • Consent Time:
    • Land Use Consents
    • LUDF's draft Application
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Focus Day July 2016

Topics Covered:

  • 2015/16 Profitability Comparison
    • Over 1800kgMS/ha and 520kgMS/cow with only 126 kgDM imported feed/cow.
    • Farm working expenses below $3.50/kgMS.
    • What are the drivers behind these results?
    • Did changes made at LUDF this season put them at the top of the profitability comparison?
    • What further adjustments are these farms implementing next season?
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Focus Day May 2016

Topics Covered:

  • Where next? (Survival 2015/16, Sustainable 2016/17
  • Farm Working Expenses
  • Implementing Low Imput System
  • Farm performance this season
  • WorkSafe - Keep Safe, Keep Farming
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