'Tomorrow’s farming – today'.

As it currently stands, dairy farming accounts for a significant portion of our country’s GDP. Our farmers’ work ethic and can-do attitude is ingrained in our culture, and it has placed New Zealand as leaders in agriculture on a global stage.

At Lincoln University Dairy Farm (LUDF), our goal is to demonstrate the sustainable success of dairy, both now and into the future. Our commercial dairy farm gives farmers results and conclusions that are proven in the same environment faced by every farmer.

It’s our role to understand and implement the most forward-thinking concepts that could benefit our industry and guide New Zealand dairy towards a sustainable, successful future for all.

Our systems, operations and performance are shared openly so farms can benchmark us against their own results. We strive to deliver farm information and data in real time including the good, the bad and the ugly, to ensure farmers get a sense of what is happening on the property and how they can learn from this. Our plans and initiatives are also shared through focus days on behalf of the SIDDC partnership, reports and weekly farm walk notes that are accessible to anyone.

We hope the demonstration farm can provide you with a clear understanding of the Canterbury pasture based dairy system with funding from the SIDDC partnership.