Effluent on LUDF is directed from the cow shed to the award winning Cleartech Effluent Treatment system that was installed in 2018. Once it has been treated, and the clarified water separated, the effluent is sent to a 33,000 L sump before being spread through the main pivot on the north block, covering 39.3 ha in area.

Benefits of Cleartech
  1. Less effluent means more storage days in effluent pond (reducing risk of application under wet conditions)
  2. Reduced risk of Phosphate leaching from effluent area into water
  3. Reduced risk of Microorganism (e.g. E. coli) leaching from freshly 'treated effluent' or 'clarified water' into water
  4. Reduced water use by recycling wash water (over 50% saving is possible)
  5. Low microorganism content of 're-cycled wash water' makes it safer to use to wash the yard compared to 'green water' wash
  6. Less staff timing shifting effluent irrigator
  7. Less smell when spreading effluent