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As at 07 Dec 2023

Our latest farm walk notes include the key numbers we’re seeing on the farm. We update walk notes every week during the milking season. During the off-season this may occur monthly.

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Cows on Farm

Cows on Farm

1.92 KgMS

Milk Solids Per Cow

Pasture Cover
2359 kgDM/ha

Pasture Cover

Growth Rate
83 kgDM/ha/day

Growth Rate

Round Length
22.45 day(s)

Round Length

MM of Rain

MM of Rain



Next Focus Day - Wednesday 14 February 2024

Dairy farmers, owners, managers, staff, and dairy industry professionals are invited to come along and hear about how LUDF decreased its empty rate from 20% last season, to just 12% this season using collars/ intervention and a longer mating period.

In addition we will be comparing and diving further into the results from tests and measurements taken at both LUDF and Liam Kellys farm in the 2022/23 mating period to see what improvements can be made on LUDF to obtain an even lower empty rate next season. This includes nutritional information and feeding allocation, differences in rumination, NEFA test results and milk protein measurements.

Note this event will be held at the Ashburton Event Centre on Monday 19 June from to 4.30pm.

How we run our dairy farm


We’re totally transparent with our budget and many of our costs are fixed for the season. See how our funds are spent here.


Learn what goes into our pastures and how we track against the increasing number of regulations our industry faces.

Animal Health

See how we’re using NZAEL best-practise to breed cows to efficiently produce more with the same amount of feed.

Advancing our industry

Everything we do at the South Island Dairy Demonstration Centre is focused on sustainable success. We research, implement and evaluate the best technologies and practises to protect our people and our environment – both now and into the future.