Our latest farm walk notes include the key numbers we’re seeing on the farm. We update walk notes every week during the milking season. During the off-season this may occur monthly.

Key Numbers

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Factors 6 December
Farm Area
Grazing ha available to milkers (Ha) 153.1
Re-grassing (Ha) 6.9
Stock Numbers
Cows currently milking to vat 554
Cows currently milking NOT to vat 5
Total cows on farm 559
Once-a-day milking cows 0
Lame cows current 0
Dry cows on farm 0
Milk Production
Current bulk milk SCC (tgt below 150) (SCC) 100
Milk Solids per cow (kgMS/cow) 1.92
Protein:Fat ratio (%) 0.84
Feed Budget
Average pasture cover (kgDM/HA) 2359
Current Pasture Fed - Milkers (kgDM/cow) 20
Current Silage Fed - Milkers (kgDM/cow) 0
Current Demand per cow (kgDM/cow) 18.8
Stocking Rate - Milkers (Cows/HA) 3.65
Current Pasture Demand - Milkers (kgDM/HA) 72
Pasture Growth Rate (kgDM/HA) 83
Pre-grazing cover (ave for week) (kgDM/HA) 3372
Residual (ave for week) (kgDM/HA) 1550
Round Length (Days) 22.45
Farm conditions
Soil temp average (Aquaflex) (degree C) 14.47
Rainfall (MM) 10.6
Irrigation days this week (days) 4
Current Roster 5+2
Health & Safety Incidences nil
Milking Routine 10 in 7

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