We’re front-footing change

Our industry is being regulated a million ways to Sunday, and farmers are under enough stress as it is. But rather than waiting for more rules to be introduced, we’re purposely choosing to implement the most forward-thinking concepts so we can lay the foundations for a better future.

We’re not just thinking about two to five years from now. In fact, we’re already looking 30 years down the track.

Focus for 2019/20 Season

  • Nil-infrastructure
  • Low input
  • Low N-loss
  • Optimised profit

Farm system comprises 3.5 cows/ha (peak milked), Target up to 170kgN/ha, 300kgDM/cow imported supplement, plus winter most cows off farm. FWE of less than $1.1 million and Target production of over 500kgMS/cow (>100% liveweight in milk production).