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Focus Day February 16th 2022

February 16th 2022

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Previous Focus Days

Focus Day February 2020

Topics Covered:

  • Mating results
  • Managing Time Off
  • Our Future, Their Future
  • On-Farm Compliance
  • Motivating Change of your Dairy Business
  • LUDF Profitability Updates
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Focus Day October 2019

Topics Covered:

  • Pasture Management
  • Mating Without Bulls
  • Managing Milk Price Risk
  • Pasture Monitoring Systems
  • Profitability Benchmarking
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Focus Day April 2019

Topics Covered:

  • 18-19 LUDF Farm and Financial Performance
  • The Hidden Costs of Feeding
  • Low Footprint Farming, Impact on Profit
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Focus Day February 2019

Topics Covered

  • Attracting and Retaining the Best Quality People in the Dairy Industry
  • Passing Your Environmental Audit With Flying Colours
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • LUDF On-Farm Update
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Open Farm Walk Day October 2018

Open Farm Walk in lieu of LUDF October Focus Day

Topics Covered

  • LUDF season to date
  • Spring Management After a High Growth Winter
  • 39% Ahead of Last Season's Production to-date
  • This Season's Mating Plan: No Bulls
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Focus Day July 2018

LUDF Profitability Benchmarking and Wintering Day

Compare the financial performance of LUDF and 8 other farms during the 2017-18 season in the July Focus Day.

Note the trends in production and expenses over time and LUDF's performance

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