Peter Hancox

Farm Manager

Peter has been the Farm Manager of LUDF for 15+ years and keeps the farm running smoothly and profitably, regardless of what challenges occur throughout each season.

His expertise and knowledge of the property is a testament to the success achieved on the farm.

Every week during the season, Peter hosts a Farm Walk (see details on the website) when he provides an update on the farm with plenty of opportunities for attendees to ask questions. If you are interested in catching up with him about what has recently been happening on the farm, text him (number below) to secure your place.
027 440 9285

Antoinette 1

Antoinette Archer

Partner & Demonstration Lead

Antoinette has a strong foundation in agribusiness banking, coaching and practical farm management and has supported farmers with on-farm biosecurity, led capital projects, while having a focus on science extension and connecting emerging science with farmers and commercial partners. Leveraging from her diverse background and skill set, Antoinette has built strong relationships and networks, allowing her to navigate industry challenges, enabling collaboration to develop practical, farmer ready solutions, which are the pillars of SIDDC/LUDF.

Antoinette looks forward to further connecting farmers, industry and the wider community with science and technology that demonstrates tomorrow’s science today.
027 272 4069


Jeremy Savage

Farm Consultant

Jeremy’s professional focus is on the dairy sector. He has developed monitoring systems with clients focused on turning grass into milk into profit. He consults in Canterbury, Southland and Tasman areas, and owns a 360-cow family farm in Golden Bay with his wife Rachel.

Since 2018 Jeremy has been supervising LUDF and currently holds the farm consultant position on the property working alongside the Management Advisory Group lead by a handful of local farmers in the area.


Cody Mulligan

Assistant farm manager

Cody is in his third season on LUDF. He grew up in Tauranga and has been in the dairy industry for 10 years. He enjoys the modern style and fresh outlook on farming that is encouraged at LUDF along with the 10 in 7 milking roster they are currently working to.


Georgia Berg

Farm Assistant

Georgia is in her third season working at LUDF. Georgia grew up in Australia and has a History and English major. She finds LUDF and the farm team really supportive and is enjoying the 10 in 7 milking roster.

Eugene 2

Ievgenii Syvachenko

Farm Assistant