Our latest farm walk notes include the key numbers we’re seeing on the farm. We update walk notes every week during the milking season. During the off-season this may occur monthly.

Focus for 2021/22

  • Implement 10 in 7 milking without comprimising profit.
  • Establishment of 10% of farm in plantain.
  • Improve reproductive performance, lower Replacement Rate.
  • Farm operating costs $4.23 / kgMS (or less).

Season Focus Overview: Integrate 10in7 milking. Achieving savings in labor, improving cow animal welfare outcomes. Cow condition, reproductive performance and lameness. Ongoing focus on environmental foot print, minimizing nitrogen use with good feed monitoring and maintaining pasture cover at 2,300 and round 22-25 days during summer months. Establishment of plantain to drop nitrogen leaching further.

21st July Notes

Key Numbers

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Factors 21st July
Farm Area
Grazing ha available to milkers (Ha) 160
Re-grassing (Ha) 0
Stock Numbers
Cows currently milking to vat 0
Cows currently milking NOT to vat 39
Total cows on farm 39
Once-a-day milking cows 0
Lame cows current 0
Dry cows on farm 0
Milk Production
Current bulk milk SCC (tgt below 150) (SCC) 0
Milk Solids per cow (kgMS/cow)
Protein:Fat ratio (%)
Feed Budget
Average pasture cover (kgDM/HA) 2524
Current Pasture Fed - Milkers (kgDM/cow)
Current Silage Fed - Milkers (kgDM/cow)
Current Demand per cow (kgDM/cow)
Stocking Rate - Milkers (Cows/HA)
Current Pasture Demand - Milkers (kgDM/HA)
Pasture Growth Rate (kgDM/HA)
Pre-grazing cover (ave for week) (kgDM/HA)
Residual (ave for week) (kgDM/HA)
Round Length (Days)
Farm conditions
Soil temp average (Aquaflex) (degree C) 7.29
Rainfall (MM) 7.8
Irrigation days this week (days)
Current Roster 5+2
Health & Safety Incidences nil
Milking Routine