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Peter Hancox

Farm Manager

Peter has been the Farm Manager of LUDF for 15 years and keeps the farm running smoothly and profitably regardless of what challenges occur throughout each season



James Beattie


Before joining the team at the LUDF this season, James was the Herd Manager for Terracostosa Ltd milking 1300 cows in Dorie, Mid-Canterbury. He really enjoys dairy farming and the challenges it brings and is looking forward to the season ahead and making the most of the opportunity to work here.


Mckenzie Watson

Farm Assistant

Fresh to the dairy farming industry, Mckenzie has a season of calf rearing under her belt and relief milking experience and is excited to see what this season brings. She grew up with horses on a lifestyle farm and loves getting outdoors which has given her the passion and ambition to start a new career in dairy farming.


Robert Lockhart

Farm Assistant

Robert has a love of cows, dairy farming and working outdoors in the elements. After coming from Scotland, he is excited by the opportunities that the dairy industry in New Zealand has to offer.


Jeremy Savage

Farm Consultant

Jeremy’s professional focus is on the dairy sector. He has developed monitoring systems with clients focused on turning grass into milk into profit. He consults in Canterbury, Southland and Tasman areas, and owns a 360-cow family farm in Golden Bay with his wife Rachel.

Since 2018 Jeremy has been supervising LUDF and has played a key leadership role in presenting on behalf of the South Island Dairy Demonstration Center.